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What is Pelvic Floor PT?

Pelvic floor PT is a treatment to help address dysfunction of the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles help to support the pelvic organs, assist in bowel/bladder control, and contribute to sexual arousal and orgasm. A pelvic floor PT will assess the strength, endurance, motor control and functional limits of the pelvic floor muscles through an internal and external exam given the patients permission, just as a PT would any other muscle in the body. Following the assessment, a plan of care will be made to best suit the patients needs with goals of easing symptoms and returning to a daily routine.

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Who stay active running after their kids without having to worry about bladder leakage or pelvic pain.

Who want to remain active, healthy & pain free throughout pregnancy.

Who want to feel like themselves again and take care of the family with out pelvic pain, pressure or leaks.

Who want to be intimate with their partners without fear or pain.

Who want to stop wearing pads and feel confident in doing their favorite activities without fear of leaks.

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2 5-star reviews

Alex B.

“I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Olivia! I had my first appointment today and left feeling truly connected to my body. She took the time to explain the “how and why” and what I need to focus on to help my current issues. I can’t wait for my next appointment!”

Carli D.

“I started having pelvic floor weakness after birthing my first child. Thankfully one of my friends let me know about Dr. Rutledge and her new practice. I was hesitant at first simply from nerves but I am so thankful I overcame those fears! Dr. Rutledge is professional, thorough, patient, and so knowledgeable. I have seen drastic improvement in my body even while being pregnant with my second child. Dr. Rutledge has given me the tools to prepare for labor, delivery, and postpartum. I am much more confident in myself and feel so much better too. I highly recommend her services to anyone!”