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Postpartum Exercise Guide Weeks 0-6

Ready to start getting back into the swing of things postpartum but unsure of where to start and if you are doing the correct movements for your body? I have put together this postpartum exercise guide to provide you some guidance prior to your 6-week postpartum check-up. The guide includes:

  • Weekly-biweekly suggestions for exercise and movement
  • A written description on specific exercises that activate your deep core safely and teach you how to strengthen your lower back/hips¬†
  • Tips on how to prevent leakage, prolapse symptoms and abdominal seperation
  • AND, with the purchase of this $15 guide you gain access to a $97 1-hour initial evaluation following your 6-week check-up to allow for an individualized plan of care tailored specifically towards you and your needs

**Each individual heals differently on their own timeline. This guide is not medical advice. Should you need individualized care please schedule an initial evaluation.